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At Mindful Studio+ we believe in self-love and self-care. We practice Ahimsa (kindness) in everything we do. We use mindful movement to create space in the body; practice pranayama (energy enhancement) techniques to increase vitality; and meditation to develop interoception and access our highest potential

"Growing is the most important and essential endeavor that a human being can undertake. You can make and lose money; you can be promoted or demoted in the world. Never, at any stage, is there any certainty about what will happen to you in this life. However, there is one thing that nobody can ever take away from you - the growth you attain through your own search for Self-knowledge. Furthermore, this growth and understanding become the foundation that sustains you through any and all worldly difficulties, and that allows you - whatever the form of your physical experience- to find in life a continuously unbroken flow of total wellbeing ."

                                                                                                             Swami Chetanananda

is the new medication

Mindfulness Meditation is a highly effective practice to balance the Autonomic Nervous System. Extensive clinical research has proven it's effect on self-regulation, reducing common conditions like stress, anxiety and depression. Pain management and better sleep are other benefits that have been documented in many studies. Meditation has become a pillar to mental health and overall well-being. Book your session today!


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