Yinet G. Gomez, 500RYT with the Yoga Alliance

Yinet G. Gomez, 500RYT with the Yoga Alliance


Located on 102-7611 Spartan Drive, Mindful Studio+ is a quaint Yoga & Meditation studio overlooking Osoyoos Lake. At Mindful we practice kindness and love towards ourselves and others. We practice self-awareness to access ease of movement, and through movement we anchor the mind to remain present in the moment.

This little studio was born out of Yinet’s vision: A safe, quiet place to explore the body and mind connection, and access that higher intelligence all around us. We believe in psychosomatic balance as a way to heal the body from the inside out, and use the breath throughout classes to regulate the nervous system.

Meet Yinet Highly passionate about sharing meditation and yoga, Yinet has made it her mission to spread wellness and joy everywhere she goes. She has experienced first hand all the wonderful benefits that come along with a meditation and yoga practice. Trained in different modalities by a line up of great teachers, Yinet is able to spot misalignments and unhealthy patterns of movement, paying special attention to the dynamics of each pose to create stability (Sthira) and ease (Sukha) in the body; making Yoga accessible for all levels and different kinds of bodies.

“Every class encourages emphasis on breathing techniques & meditation. We practice thoughtful and mindful movement to promote both physical and mental well-being, as we go deeper into ourselves to tap into our full potential, our true self.”