Please be aware, we are a scent-free studio. As we have customers that are allergic or sensitive to scents and fragances, we would appreciate it if you refrain from using perfume or any strong fragrances. Thank you for your understanding.

*It is recommended you book your spot in advance, drop-ins are welcome based on availability. Mats are available for use if you don’t own one.

*The studio will be open 15 min before class starts. Please arrive to class at least 5 minute before to have enough time to settle.

*We are located on #102 7611 Spartan Drive, Osoyoos

Kundalini Yoga for Stress - by Yinet

Mondays 8.30am 1h Drop in $15 or purchase Flex Pass here

When we are under stress we make choices based on habituation and not from free will. And we are under stress so often in modern life that we get caught up in the same patterns of behaviour over and over without even realizing it. So consider this, if you are looking to make real changes in your life, it is not enough to just set goals and expect you'll stick to them. Essentially, if you don’t manage your daily life stress you go back to your old habits, no matter how badly you want change. In these classes we
1- Strengthen the nervous system to better handle stress stimulus (using powerful Kriyas)
2- calm down the nervous system to regulate and metabolize stress hormones currently circulating in the body (through more restorative practices)

Stress can affect our health, change our eating habits, affect our sleep patterns and bring our whole system out of balance. Join this class to easily step into a mindset where real change can sprout from.

In this class we use mantras to help us tap into a higher vibration. Chanting optional.

Suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners.

Mindfulness Meditation- by Yinet

-Paused for Summer- 20min sessions $6 Drop-in $50 10 Flex Pass

In this class we gather together to practice mindfulness meditation. You’ll learn techniques you can take with you throughout your day, and guidance towards building your own daily meditation practice at home. No previous experience necessary, this classes are accessible to everybody. We have meditation cushions & chairs available if you can’t seat on the ground.

Heart over Head - Inversions for All

Paused for Summer 1h Drop in $15 or purchase Flex Pass here

Because the heart knows best! In this classes we use a prop called Feetup Trainer to move, stretch and go upside down safely. Challenge your proprioception, improve balance and build core stability; while at the same time having a fun time. Inversions have many benefits, like boosting your immune system, lifting your mood and oxygenizing your brain. We also focus on Thoracic health, using assisted heart openers, counteracting the constant spinal flexion habits from things like driving and seating. You can expect to laugh and feel great physically, energetically and mentally.

Restorative Yoga w. Singing Bowls- by Yinet

Paused for Summer Drop in $15 or purchase Flex Pass here

Feel better in your body, calmer in your mind and happier in your life. Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing class. It is a receptive practice, great to release stress and tension in your whole body. This class is low-impact, we stay down on the ground throughout the class, making it accessible for all levels and body types.

Yoga Shred - by Yinet

Dates coming soon! Drop in $15 or purchase Flex Pass here

This super fun class combines Yoga with alignment based HIIT. Come prepared to sweat, laugh and create space in your body; while connecting to that place of inner strength and peace within you. Bring water and a big smile!

Mindful Yoga -by Yinet

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8.30am 1h Drop in $15 or purchase Flex Pass here

In this class we move and stretch mindfully, to build strength through Hatha Yoga, increasing mobility and creating awareness of our body in space (proprioception), to improve balance of body and mind. We give special attention to awareness of the breath to connect to our internal sensations (interoception), creating the space for emotional processing. We end each class with a total body relaxation, and you can expect a sense of mental clarity and well-being by the end of the session

Chair Yoga - by Yinet

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-10.30am- By Donation

Yoga is for everybody! It's so exciting to be able to offer Chair Yoga! This is a great class if you are suffering from different conditions like Arthritis, MS or Fibromyalgia that affect your mobility. We practice on a chair to make yoga poses accessible and create ease of movement. It's only 30min and by donation!

Flow yoga - by Rachelle

Tuesdays 5.30pm 1H $15 Drop in at the door

Dynamic vinyasa flow integrating alignment, core work, breath awareness with basic poses and creative sequencing. Rachelle believes in strengthening the body while maintaining flexibility to have an optimal life; Yoga is for all body shapes & mindsets, regardless of limitations.

Flow & Glow- Vinyasa (by Yinet)

Wednesdays & Fridays 8.30am 1h (From June 2019 on) Drop in $15 or purchase Flex Pass here

In these classes we move with the breath, using the breath as our anchor to the present moment. From Sun Salutations to creative transitions, we get into a rhythm that builds length, strength and mobility as the foundations to Sthira & Sukha (stability and ease ).

Not recommended for very beginners.

Sound Bath Yoga Nidra -by Yinet

w. Singing Bowls & Gong

Mondays 7-8pm Drop in $15 or purchase Flex Pass here

In these classes we lay down after shaking off the day a little bit. Through a guided relaxation to the sounds of Singing Bowls and the Atlantis Chinese Gong your body is able to relax and repair as your nervous system self-regulates. Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary.

Yin Yoga -by Yinet

with singing bowls- Fridays 6pm 1h Drop in $15 or purchase Flex Pass here

Yin Yoga is the practice of letting go. It teaches us the art of equanimity and mindfulness, using the body sensations to be truly present in the moment. The stillness that Yin Yoga provides helps balance out our daily go-go mode, reducing stress and releasing tension stored in our fascia or tissues. In these classes we mainly focus on the hips to release built up emotions and increase mobility while at the same time stimulating the meridian- energy channels- to allow energy to move freely through all our systems. We’ll use Quartz Singing Bowls throughout the class to help you tune in deeper into your body and change your vibrations from inside out, for a homeostatic healing experience*

Suitable for all levels

*Homeostatic Healing System: The physiologic regulatory system in the body that works to correct internal imbalances in order to restore equilibrium. (medical dictionary)

Yoga for Men- by Sophie

Saturdays 8-9am $10 Drop in at the door

Classes include warm up drills, breathing technique, detailed practice of specific poses and a brief introduction to the founding texts of Yoga. Beginners and all levels welcome.

Beginners Yoga Series Pre-registered

Dates coming soon…

Option 1 Mini program 4 sessions

Option 2 10 sessions


In this Beginners Series we’ll focus on building foundations from scratch. This is a preregistered program, ideal for people with no yoga experience at all. You’ll learn the classical yoga poses, their names, benefits, modifications and variations; everything you need to adapt the pose and make it work for your body. You’ll also learn the Art of Transitions, to move from one pose to the next with confidence and stability. No need to be flexible or wear yoga pants, just wear something comfortable to move in; bring a positive attitude and desire to feel good. The price includes all sessions. All mats and props are provided. Limited space on each class, book your mat today!

Private Classes

 by appointment



In private classes we work one on one. Great for individuals who need to work around an injury, or a health condition, or simply someone who wishes to deepen their practice and advance at their own pace. With hands-on adjustments and more guidance towards incorporating yoga philosophy, this is a tailored class for your needs and whatever your intentions and goals are.

Little Yoga

Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am-12pm

July 4th - August 29th Ages 4-10  

$10 Drop in                                                



A fun class for kids. We focus on planting seeds of kindness and mindfulness through fun games that build social skills and a sense of belonging. Plus we do specific exercises to develop self-regulation, proprioception & interoception, mental development, improved memory, focus and behaviour.