Let's talk about drive

What drives you in life? What is the main thing that makes you get out of bed each morning? What sparks you and makes you smile?

Sometimes it's hard to define what that main thing is. You might be at a point in your life where you feel pretty stuck, and nothing makes sense. Maybe you are experiencing loss; or maybe pain, either of a physical or emotional nature. But regardless of all of that, there's always something there to keep you going. I invite you to explore your drive. 

A great way to go about this exploration is going inward and asking yourself these questions in a calm, quiet mindset. Forward-Fold poses are of an introspective nature and they create the space to move deeper into a meditative state, which then offers the opportunity to receive insights and clarity to your enquiry.

My favorite pose for this matter is Paschimottanasana- West Stretch. It's a seated forward fold where you extend you legs together in front of you and fold over them. This can be quite challenging if you have tight hamstrings or calves. A good modification is placing a folded blanket or little cushion under the sits bones, and even place a rolled blanket or towel under your knees. The purpose is to get into the pose and relax to find as much ease as available, then go deeper into the mind. 

Have a journal nearby, and write down any impressions, insights or thoughts you get, even if it doesn't make much sense at the time.

Once you know what drives you in life, you can choose to feed that spark to grow into meaningful experiences that will enrich your journey on this earth.

May all beings be happy, Namaste


Paschimottanasana, modified with a blanket

Paschimottanasana, modified with a blanket