The Power of Child's Pose- Balasana

With time, I've learnt that there is more yoga in a Child's Pose than in a Headstand. Fancy inversions may look cooler; but this simple child's pose FEELS cooler, for both my head and my heart; where I'm able to download and process all the experiences and emotions of the day. Simple actions like this are more powerful than we can imagine. Balasana, or Child's Pose, is also great to practice before going to bed. It helps your body ground, your mind to settle and your nervous system regulate. Always making sure it feels ok in your knees and you hips- you could explore supporting your body with different props- perhaps you'll be able to drop into this pose, and hold it for at least 5 minutes. Notice how a few deep breathes in child’s pose can help you experience ease of being and a sense of wholeness. A great affirmation to anchor the mind here is repeating to yourself a few times
"I am grounded"